About Green Bites


* Started by a family of food enthusiasts, who appreciate all kinds of food but comes to realize the importance of a balance & healthy diet. After a visit for a salad meal, we feel that not everyone can afford a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. We set out to provide you with a source of fresh and healthy delights with a touch of creativity at affordable prices.


* Something new & different and at the same time stimulating enough to make your day? Well! Look no further, at we have just the thing for you. Always with you in mind, we insist to provide you with constant fresh & delicious salad with endless variety of self-created tasty dressing. On top of it all, in line with healthy lifestyle, we serve freshly-made soups, sandwiches, wraps and others. And all this, at affordable prices. For the more adventurous, we do have more options. We provide you with fresh ingredients toppings for your salads, where in each and every serving, the natural nutrients is constantly preserved for your healthy choice.