Hyflux Innovation Centre

Important Note: This is subject to respective branch’s storage capacity.

How to Order

SMS Phone Number: (+65) 9767 2279

Time frame to Order – 9am to 3.00pm

Orders sent outside the above time frame will not be accepted (sorry for the inconvenience).

Step 1 – Choose the correct outlet SMS number.

Step 2 – Enter your 5 basic toppings as shown.

Step 3 – Enter your premium topping as shown (Optional).

Step 4 – Choose your salad dressing as shown.

Step 5 – Give us your Name.

(Please indicate if you want your dressing packed separately)

Step 6 – Send your order and wait for our reply.

Upon confirmation we will reply as shown.

(If you do not receive any reply, we are unable to accept your orders).

Step 7 – Collect your salad by indicating your name at the cashier.


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